Energy Modelling

We develop comprehensive, before-and-after energy plans defined by the code for the building.

Air Leakage Testing

We utilize latest technology to identify leakage points for all types of residential units.

EnerGuide Ratings

Using Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide Rating system standards, we model the home by detailing its energy consumption.

BC Energy Step Code

We bridge the gap between builders and the intricacies of the provincial standard of the BC Energy Step Code.

About Us


The company brings in years of viable experience to build houses that offer greater sustainability. At Building Green Consultancy, we provide extensive energy auditing services in the entire province of the British Columbia.
Building Green Consultancy strives to become the most reputable and trusted energy modelling and energy auditing consultancy. We have plans to grow and extend our services as one of the most distinctive energy consultants nationwide. We are committed to high standing principles based on the values of honesty, trust, and integrity.
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Time Efficient

Prompt project delivery with fast turnaround.

Cost Effective

High value energy solutions at affordable rates.

Easy Rebates

Access to lucrative rebate programs.

Streamlined Process

All aspects and complexities are simplified.

Ecofriendly Homes

Effective energy saving solutions that ensure sustainability.