During the construction phase, it is highly crucial to invest in an energy efficiency assessment for lower energy costs. At Building Green Consultancy, we will help assess your property’s energy performance in compliance with the enerGuide rating standards. Our inspections help provide energy-efficient homes that assist in mitigating climate change.


We provide extensive home inspections for existing properties to offer preventive measures such as additional insulation, weather-stripping, and caulking. We help upgrade the existing mechanical systems, like replacing doors and windows.
Our insulation and air sealing upgrades help optimize the energy performance of your heating and cooling systems.


At Building Green Consultancy, we help provide builders with extensive consultancy in regard to the BC Energy Step Code. The performance-based, provincial standards help builders to construct buildings in an energy-efficient manner. Along with the BC Energy Step Code, our skilled energy modelling consultants help offer premium energy consulting services for new homes.
The BC Step code also provides a fuel-neutral selection by allowing designers to use natural gas, electricity and other fuel sources on the basis of consumer choice. The provided modelling software and on-site testing procedures help projects to comply with the BC Energy Step Code.


Building Green Consultancy offers contemporary air leakage testing solutions. We offer testing for all types of residences including single bedroom units, townhouses and villas.
Our Blower Door specialists ensure the air tightness of the buildings with accurate assessment skills. We also incorporate latest technology like infrared photos for increased visibility to identify any leakage points.


Our energy advisors assess and predict the energy efficiency of your house through the standardized plans and specifications. We offer extensive energy modeling solutions for both before-and-after construction projects
Our certified experts help provide detailed energy analysis of the projected home performance to allow builders and designers to offer more compliant abodes.


Building Green Consultancy offers all-inclusive services for green building consulting. We bring in years of practical, hands-on experience to offer educational consultancy to builders, developers, designers, engineers, architects and contractors of the British Columbia region.
We help foster a greater understanding of the strategies, practices, and implications that involve green building construction. Our experts assist homeowners and builders by offering end-to-end consultancy for the energy modelling and energy auditing of residential projects.